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The Man of the Black Box (O Homem da Caixa Preta, 2001)

A 26-minute documentary about the microchip, how it works and its impact on society.
Director: Paulo Blikstein
Scriptwriters: Paulo Blikstein and Érico Marui Guizzo
Academic advisor: Prof. Roseli de Deus Lopes
Producer and editor: Thomas Miguez

More about it at http://www.lsi.usp.br/~chip/creditos.html
If you want a copy of the documenary, please email me! (see my email in the "Contact" page)

WATCH it online! high quality low quality

Monte Carlo or the meaning of life (Monte Carlo ou o sentido da vida, 1998)
Undergraduate thesis

Multimedia project consisting of a thesis, 30-minute documentary, CD-ROM and website, about computer modeling of the behavior of materials (grain growth in metals).

More about it at www.pmt.usp.br/paulob/montecarlo
If you want a copy of the documenary, please email me! (see my email in the "Contact" page)

WATCH it online!

TV Sitcom
Two Apartments (2 Apês)

Scriptwriter and script coordinator of the 10-episode Brazilian sitcom "2 Apês", about the life of seven university students, broadcasted on cable TV by various networks in Brazil.

News about it (in Portuguese):
Séries Brasileiras
Telecentro (February 2000)

Jornal da USP (April 2000)
If you want a copy of the sitcom, please email me (see my email in the "Contact" page). It is not available yet, but I will let you know as soon as it is available..

Minority of one (Minoria de um homem só)
With Thiago Dottori, Newton Leitão and others
Finalist at the Nascente Art Contest, the foremost College art competition in Brazil

Video-documentary about the life of José Miranda, a brazilian peasant that predicted the end of the world in 1960. He built a whole city with his bare hands which was supposed to be the only place to survive the end of the world. This video contains interviews with his sistem and son, as well as many images from his city.

If you want a copy of the documenary, please email me! (see my email in the "Contact" page)

Host of TV show
Delta, Pi

Anchor of "Delta, Pi", a weekly program broadcasted by TV-USP with debates about contemporary subjects.

Radio series
Léo Ferré: 80 years (Léo Ferré: 80 anos)

A special series of two radio programs dedicated to the great poet and singer, in his 80th birthday. The programs were broadcasted by Rádio USP, Brazil.

More about (in Portuguese)

Radio series
20 years without Jacques Brel (Vinte anos sem Jacques Brel)

The idea was not to send people to space or to control missiles, but rather make a device that could help people build computation with their own hands - and demystifing the computer. To compute, a nice thing to have are boolean operations: but how to implement them with water?

More about (in Portuguese)

Host of TV program
Engineer 2001

Anchor of the "Engineer 2001" teleconferences, a project funded by the Brazilian government for reshaping the teaching and practice of engineering.

Radio series
Rádio USP

Director of three series of radio programs of French music (Léo Ferré, Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens) at Rádio USP, São Paulo, Brazil.


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