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_Northwestern, PhD.
_MIT Media Lab, MSc.
_USP Engineering
, MEng.

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MIT - Media Lab - Master of Science
Massachusetts, USA, 2000-2002

"Impacting the ecology of the learning atmosphere: The Trojan Horse as a Trojan horse"
[1st chapter - PDF - 0.3 MB ]

David P. Cavallo
Seymour Papert (MIT Media Lab)
Caesar McDowell (MIT - Center for Reflective Community Practice)

This thesis proposes a framework to model intervention in education systems using technology: the Learning Atmosphere. The motivation is to show that innovative learning with expressive technologies can happen even in economically disadvantaged regions, such as public education systems in Brazil, where our case studies took place. The contribution of the thesis is to explore ways in which mutual enrichment can be achieved through collective displacements of habits and mindsets taken for granted. The case studies demonstrate the importance and possibility of a powerful learning experience that builds up from the local culture and expertise, elements often disregarded in schools. Technology plays a central role, enabling diverse and innovative ways of working, expressing and building. In addition, it makes possible epistemological diversity, empowering of students and fulfillment to teachers, reinforcing the community's own livelihood.

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