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Arts & music

Léo Ferré, 80 years (1998)
Published in Jornal da USP, about the famous french composer in his 80th birthday.
Full text, Portuguese (GIF, 102 KB)

20 years without Jacques Brel (1996)
Published in Jornal da USP, about the famous french composer, 20 years after his premature death.
Full text, Portuguese (GIF, 106 KB)

Engineering education

Commencement Speech (Discurso de Formatura)
1998 Engineering Class of the University of São Paulo
Full text (HTML)

The school of the sad men (A Escola dos Homens Tristes)
A reflection on efforts for changing Engineering teaching at the University of São Paulo
Published by the Student Union of the Engineering School - USP, 1996
Full text (HTML)

The meanings of Engineering (Os sentidos da Poli)
A reflection about Engineering Teaching
Uma reflexão necessária sobre o ensino da Engenharia, 1996-98
Full text (HTML)

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